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Your Local Expert Roof Restoration, Roof Repairs and Painting Specialists


Your Local Expert Roof Restoration, Roof Repairs and Painting Specialists

Based in Quakers Hill, Sydney NSW, we at Platinum Roof & Painting Specialists specialise in Roof Restorations and Painting services across Sydney and The Blue Mountains area. We are the no. 1 choice for roof restorations & painting services Sydney West & roof repairs Sydney west, our services include all residential & commercial painting services, Pressure Cleaning services, complete roof restorations & repairs. By restoring your roof or repainting can not only add value to your property, but also make major improvements to your properties overall presentation. Contact Platinum Roof & Painting Specialists today!

What does a roof restoration cost?

View our roof restoration cost page for more information here »

What Does A Roof Restoration Cost?

The Platinum Guarantee

Most importantly, we never compromise on quality. This means thorough preparation, repairing underlying faults and restoring of surfaces – all essential for a beautiful platinum decorating services Sydney and quality finish. We promise managed timelines/frames ,minimal disturbance, environmental care and respect for your home and privacy throughout our painting & decorating services.

The result – a happy ending. The transformation is complete!

On a saving term we leave any remaining paint for touch-ups—life can be unpredictable , chips happen. Paint tins are sealed, labelled and stored in a location you choose. Any waste is cleaned accordingly and safely


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